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Coastlands Church


Church Review
Scriptural View: 4/5
Missional View: 4/5
Community: 3/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 4/5
Site Design: 4/5
Site Content: 2/5

3/16/05 – This review has been edited based on a conversation with the Pastor.

Summary: Coastlands is an 8 1/2 year-old Church plant in Pacific Beach. The pastor, Evan Lauer, told me they are a Bible-believing church that typically does expository preaching. He expressed a high view of Scripture and a desire to reach the postmodern generation with the truths of the gospel. The original reviewer wrote:

During this service the pastor opened it up for the audience to share their interpretations on the passage being discussed. At this time leaders (according to the bulletin) started to share thoughts that contradicted the verses. They were examing Scripture in light of their feelings not based on what it was saying.

Pastor Lauer said he does interact with the congregation each week but does not leave the final word to people’s opinions but directs them back to the word of God. (also see below comment from another visitor’s perspective.)

Coastlands has an eye towards being missional. Six times a year they hold a service outdoors in the community to interact with non-believers. Lauer told me “I’m working on getting my people to think missionally. To think about the people in this culture.” Based on this conversation we are changing the rating of the church.

A Bible-believing church that is trying to reach the postmodern generation with the truth of the Gospel.

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  4. Kevin Clark Says:

    I know Evan Lauer, pastor of Coastlands Church, fairly well, and have attended services there four or five times. Your observation
    that comments by members of the audience showed they were evaluating Scripture on the basis of feelings is true. Those comments may have been made by “leaders,” who should know better. On my visits, though, Evan listened to similar comments and then gently steered the congregation back toward a biblical understanding of the passage in question without overtly stating, “You are wrong,” to the people who had shared. Did that happen on your visit(s)? Knowing Evan and the fact that he attended
    Golden Gate Seminary, which as a Southern Baptist school is hardly a bastion of liberal, “feel-good” theology, I hope that my visits weren’t anomalies, and that his regular attendees are being taught accurately. I am curious to know how Evan handled the comments when you were there.

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