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San Diego Japanese Christian Church


Church Review
Scriptural View: 1/5 (Not described.)
Beliefs: 1/5 (Unknown.)
Community: 3/5 (Little shown, some pictures & a guestbook.)

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 3/5
Site Design: 2/5
Site Content: 2/5 (Dated links, little to no information on what they believe.)

Summary: This site is primarily a piece to give directions, phone #’s and other contact information NOT to communicate to people what they believe. They have two newsletters that I can’t read because they are in Japanese. The only content are a series of “Footprints” stories from people who attend and/or visit the church. Based on the pastor’s education (Fuller Theological Seminary) and some of the comments posted, clearly they have a heart for Christ and a desire for people to come to know Him. These Footprints include scripture quotes and a high view of trust in our soveriegn God. But because of the lack of information, I cannot fully know what they believe.

Not much information, but it appears to be a Christ-centered Church. If you speak Japanese, this may be a good place to check out..

2 Responses to “San Diego Japanese Christian Church”

  1. i.h. Says:

    I agree that they do not update the website much, especially the English page. I think they are thinking of rearranging the website, but it seems they have not. But on the Japanese webpage, they update every week the pastor’s messages, which are very good. At the church they have English translation that you can hear through the radio too, so even if you are not Japanese you can hear the message. This church is comparably very small but is a very close-knit commnity.

  2. George Tang Says:

    I live at 521 6th Avenue,San Dieogo and had attended Christian
    service at Aoyama Gakuin School,Tokyo,Japan. Please provide your
    list closed to my location so I can attend a service on Sunday.
    Thank you. George Tang

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