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Clairemont Covenant Church


Church Review
Scriptural View: 3/5
Beliefs: 3/5
Community: 3/5
Preaching: Topical
Worship: Traditional (9am), Contemporary (10:30am)

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 3/5
Site Design: 2/5
Site Content: 2/5

Summary: Clairemont Covenant Church is a family oriented church nestled amongst the homes in the Clairemont area. The church is made up primarily of families and people in the neighborhood. When I spoke with Pastor Greg White, he spoke about his church being a local church that is family oriented with a focus on children and youth. Each Wednesday night Clairemont Covenant opens its doors to all children up to High School age as a place to come, hang-out and listen to a teaching.

There are a lot of things Clairemont Covenant is doing well. They really do focus on being a member of their community. The church is filled with families and they have a closeness that is present. Surely they desire to live and share the gospel with those who do not know Christ. And for these and many other reasons it is a good church for people to be a part of.

I attended their service (September 2004) and was greeted by a large banner inviting me to ‘discover my purpose’. If you do not attend church or if you are a Christian who has just awoke out of a comma, this banner is part of a neatly packaged program called 40 Days of Purpose. The 40 Days of Purpose by author/pastor Rick Warren has swept through the broad evangelical nation with a force to place it on the NY Times Bestseller and elevate Rick Warren to guru status.

While I have seen this program actually help churches who are fairly weak in their preaching, for the most part I am not a huge fan of these pre-packaged formula’s to doing church. Rather than borrowing from Rick Warren I would like to see Pastors grow in their own study and presentation of the word to their congregation. I believe the job of the pastor is to communicate God’s word in a manner and language that the congregation understands and considers the richness of the scripture as it is examined and applied to their lives.

I believe that this church is preaching the gospel but from my experience (I was raised in a Covenant Church) they do not dive into the full richness of the text and wrestle with issues that have serious implications. Too many areas are avoided and because of this I can only give a mild recommendation.

Clairemont Covenant Church preaches/teaches the gospel but is fairly light on their preaching style.

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