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Faith Bible Church


(Located in Murrieta)

Church Review
Scriptural View: 5/5
Beliefs: 5/5
Community: 4/5
Preaching: Expository
Service Times: 10:00 am

Website Review
Site Usability: 3/5
Site Design: 3/5
Site Content: 3/5

Review: There is much to like about Faith Bible Church. They adhere to Scripture by living out a lot of the things most modern churches have lost. For example, they hold to a plurality of elder model of church government with deacons helping run the administration. In addition they have done a great job laying out much of what they believe (doctrine), their philosophy of ministry and how this implicates our life as believers. As I’ve reviewed Churches and their websites I’m finding a connection between how much a Church communicates what they believe with their desire to honor God by living scripturally.

I have not attended a service at Faith Bible Church. I do have a friend who knows their college ministry leader and based on his comments, I believe this is a solid church for people to attend. From reading through their website beliefs, book recommendations and other materials I would encourage someone in the Murrieta area to check out this church. My only observation is their comments on missions being ‘elsewhere’ (Afghanistan) and not next door. (I say this because often churches that are ‘reformed’ can miss the mark on missiology.) But they do speak about their belief that evangelism is what the Church is about so this may be a non-point.

A church with a strong biblical position and a desire to live this out as a community. I recommend this church.

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