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Eighth Church of Christ Scientist


Church Review
Scriptural View: 0/5
Beliefs: 0/5
Community: 1/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 3/5
Site Design: 3/5
Site Content: 3/5

Summary: Eighth Church of Christ Scientist is a cult started in the 1800’s by Mary Baker Eddy. They use the words ‘christian’ and ’scientist’. They are neither Christian nor scientists. I recommend you visit the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) to study this cult.

Not only does it deny the essential doctrines of Christianity, but it has completely reinterpreted the Bible. It drastically redefines the Bible’s culture and terminology and rips thousands of scriptures out of their historical and biblical contexts. The result is a non-Christian mixture of metaphysical and philosophical thoughts. Christian Science is so foreign to the Bible that, if it didn’t use words like Jesus, Trinity, Love, Grace, Sin, etc., you’d never suspect it had anything to do with the Bible at all. Additionally, the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which is the Christian Scientist’s mainstay of spiritual knowledge, reads with a rhythm of pseudo logical statements that has the tendency to dull the senses when read long enough. Is Christian Science Christian? Definitely not.

Above quote from CARM.

A cult.

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