Crossroads Church (Chula Vista)


(Chula Vista)

Church Review
Theology: 5/5
Mission: 5/5
Community: 5/5
Worship: 2/5

Summary:Crossroads Church is located in the heart of historic downtown Chula Vista. This church is a true reflection of the community around them. Here you will find a diverse mix of race, age and financial status. With a mission to “lead people to and through a life changing relationship with Jesus and his family”, this church places a high emphasis on God’s grace and living in response to that. Adamantly rejecting moralism, Crossroads goal is to be Christ-centered and Gospel-centered in everything.

Pastor Matt Ortiz preaches verse-by-verse through both Old and New Testaments. There are also a variety of community groups that meet throughout the week. Impacting the community of the South Bay with the gospel of grace is the mission of everything the church does.

For those looking for a church in the South Bay that is strong both in doctrine and practice, this church is highly recommended..


  1. What is the denomination of this church or is it important…?

    Also, what organization are you ?

    Thank you..

  2. I went to their sister church this weekend, Kaleo Church. I believe they are Evangelica/Reformed. The sermon I heard at Kaleo today was actually presented by a pastor from Crossroads, and I must admit that it was very “meaty”. Some of the better expository preaching I have heard in quite some time. I would highly recommend that you give Crossroads a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised and blessed!

    • Where is this church located and what times are/is the service. I thought I read it is at 276 F st., but can find no more about it. Help? thank you

  3. To Whom it may concern; My daughter- in -law and my 3 grandchildren
    are parishiners at your church. Yesterday they were evicted from their
    apartment in Chula Vista.They are staying temporarily with friends.She
    is a single mother struggling to keep her family together, but due to a flawed court system, it will not allow her to move to live with her family
    in New York State, where they will have a home,safe place to raise her children, but the court will not allow this move , because my son says
    he wouldmiss them too much.Which is a lie, because of the turmoil he causes them constantly.In the meantime ,they have no home, and no money to find a safe place to live.Can you help them PLEASE?

  4. Dear Rich and Heidi Joy,
    I want you to know that I have been thinking about you both as well as your whole family after finding the church’s CD from 2000. It has given me renewed spirit!

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