2016 San Diego Church Guide – Highly Recommended Churches

2016 San Diego Church Guide – Highly Recommended Churches


Select one of the following Highly Recommended San Diego Churches:

New City Church (Downtown San Diego)
Mosaic San Diego (Downtown San Diego)
The Fields Church (Carlsbad)
Kaleo Church (El Cajon)
Westview Church (North County/Carmel Mountain)
Faith Bible Church (Murrieta)
Harbor Presbyterian (Multiple)

Are we missing other highly recommended churches? Please let us know by adding a comment to this post. Our desire is to highly recommend churches that have a passion for Jesus Christ, worship God in spirit and truth, desire to live out the gospel and live a life of mission to the community around them. You can learn more about how we rank using the menu on the side.


  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints certainly has a passion for Jesus Christ, and meets the criteria mentioned. The church has a temple in San Diego as well. Please look into adding this church to your list.

    • because the mormon church is not a christian church, since it follows cultish beliefs. that’s why it’s not listed.

  2. why do you have a link to the mormon marrige retreat? isn’t that almost heresy for your website?

  3. We’re the Bread of Life Church in San Diego, I am the youth leader for the “Light Youth” Christian Fellowship. I would highly appreciate it if you could add us =) Thanks!

  4. Jon Frazier – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would be listed as a cult.

    Caleb – The ads are not selected by this site but help support the ministry. The mormons pay when people click on them, that is why they are there.

    David- I’ll take a look…

  5. You do not list Canyon View Christian Fellowship in Tierrasanta. Have you ever reviewed or visited the church? If not, I’d like to see what you had to say.

  6. I would like to nominate the Oak Hill Church of Christ in Escondido, California as it is a church that is Striving to grow closer to the Lord. It went through some hardships, but I see that GOD is making it stronger, and the growth is starting with the Hearts of his children there. I hope we will be viewed as a church that opens our hearts to the Lord, that flows to others in the church and outreaches to those in our community and around the world. The church is located at 1301 Oak Hill Drive in Escondido, CA. It is a smaller church of about 100 and is in a new growing process just as Christ grew new fruit as he trimmed back the branches to ready it for a better harvest.

  7. You really should check out University Lutheran church up by the UCSD campus. It’s a small parish, but it has a well formed and loving community. Pastor Hooper is a wonderful theologian. Their website is http://ucsdlutheran.net.

    its is the best church
    pastor ray is amazing
    go there

  9. City Bible Church San Diego is amazing! check it out at citybiblechurchsd.com

  10. Are any of the SD churches doing a Hell House this year?

  11. Urban Church is a great church as well. Its downtown in Little Italy. (http://lifeaturban.com)

  12. To Tim:

    First United Methodist Church had a haunted trail, through the underbellies of the Sanctuary for the children this yr. They also allowed the children and adults to dress up in their Halloween costumes. They do this once every 7 years, however, no blood, guns or knives!!!

    To All: I find at FUMCSD there is a intelligent leadership with many years of experience in dealing with life issues. There is the genuine caring love of Christ reflected in its members. As well as solid sermons on the Bible teaching and reminding to live as Christ and the disciples taught. Although, it is big you can connect with a little effort.

    Their website could use a little help.

    Bring your walking shoes, as you may have to walk the hill on high holy days (Christmas and Easter).

  13. I would suggest The City Church. It’d be cool to have you guys review it.
    The website is thecitysd.org and its located in North County San Diego.
    Thanks for what you do!

  14. Cornerstone Church in National City, CA. They really helped me turn my heart to the Lord.

  15. Definitely should check out the Potter’s House Christian Church ! It’s a Pentecostal church and they are definitely a cult! They speak in tongues and they are overly friendly and go out of their way to acknowledge you so that you would come back but they are scary.

  16. If you want to expand your recommended churches in North County Inland check out Green Valley Church in Rancho Bernardo. http://www.greenvalleychurch.com/

    From their website: Green Valley Church is a relational, grace-filled community built around Jesus Christ and his Word. We have a relaxed feel but a serious hope. We love our surrounding community and hope it shows. We care about what God is doing globally as well as locally. We are affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America.

  17. Very cool and helpful to have this!

  18. Carmel Mountain Church is a new church in the North County area. They will be celebrating their first year this September. They have been doing well and growing. You may want to add them to your list of churches to visit and review.

  19. check out whoisbarabbas.com local church in pacific beach exegetical verse by verse teaching and a vibrant community

  20. Carmel Mountain Church is located in PQ/Poway area and is having their one-year birthday on 9/18/11. They are extremely relevant and contemporary yet they preach right out of the Bible. It is a fun place to be, and they have an exciting atmosphere where growth can take place. If you get a chance you should go out to review them.

  21. I strongly recommend Pacific Hope Church in Kearny Mesa. We came from a church similar to John Macarthur’s church in Los Angeles and were looking for a similar church that preaches the truth with sound doctrine and a loving body. It’s a hard mix to find but we have been blessed by Pastor John Leeder and Pacific Hope Church. I highly recommend it and hope people that visit this site will check it out http://www.pacifichope.com.

  22. I agree with Renee, City Bible Church San Diego is awesome (At least their sermons are.) I haven’t got a chance to go there because I love my church Barabbas Road Church (which I highly recommend if you’re into digging into God’s Word). But I like listening to City Bible Church’s sermons on their website. Their pastor is awesome. I love my church Barabbas Road and would encourage you to read their Mission Statement and Doctrine here:http://www.whoisbarabbas.com/vision.html I REALLY RECOMMEND THEM. THANKS!

  23. Could you also take a look at Gracepoint San Diego Church and add it to your website? It is a Southern Baptist Church meeting on UC San Diego campus, ministering to college students.

  24. Bethel Memorial AME Church loves the Lord. Once you enter into the sanctuary you feel the presence of God. Pastor Anthony L. Hughes is such a dynamite messenger of God’s truth and God’s WORD. He preaches with power. Every time I enter into the sanctuary I feel God ministering to me through the worship and praise of God. People are getting fed the WORD of God with power! It is an awesome worship experience.

  25. Are there any progressive churches in San Diego or the area that would be inclusive of all people and follow the eight points of the progressive community and enjoy authors such as Spong, Borg, Diana Butler Bass etc

  26. I would highly recommend The Rock Church. They have 4 campuses in San Diego…Point Loma, El Cajon, San Marcos and San Ysidro and many micro-sites around the county. They serve the community with Pervasive Hope, meeting people where they are and bringing Jesus to them. It is a non-denominational church that preaches the gospel in its entirety.

  27. Hey this is Blake Wimberly. Now I’m not a pastor but a member of Shadow mountain community church. Can you please do a review of my church. Please????

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