Red Door Church

Red Door Church

Theology: 5/5
Mission: 5/5
Community: 5/5
Worship: 4/5
Red Door is a diverse and welcoming church that meets every Sunday at 4:30 near SDSU. The church has a high focus on the church being more than just an event but a community of grace and friendship that strives to follow Jesus together in the day to day. Red Door also has lots of opportunities to serve both locally and globally. Locally partnering to serve refugees, schools, international students, parks and more. Internationally they take monthly visits to help and provide for an orphanage in Tijuana and also support and work with church plants in Haiti and Ecuador. They have a high view of scripture and teach from the Bible, they have every message point to the person and work of Jesus. They also are a safe place for those without any religious background who are looking to learn more about Jesus. To summarize, Red Door is a bible believing and Jesus loving church family that strives to be a blessing to “San Diego, West Coast and the world.” They gather Sunday at 4:30 at Clay Elementary School; 6505 Solita Ave, San Diego, CA 92115.

For those looking for a great church near San Diego State University, this church is highly recommended...


  1. Please pray for me to receive financial miracles so that I can pay my bills off as I am getting older and need support in life now. Thank you kindly.

  2. A couple of weeks ago I attended a bible study and I was so happy to have found what I believe was a great church with sincere people which they probably are, I think. I really liked the sermons but when I attended the home Bible study group I was completely shocked that while we were lingering after the actual study talking, some people brought some beer out and were drinking. It confused me so much. I was glad that I failed to bring my friend with me that night. She was looking for a place to go to for comfort about the fact that her mom is an alcoholic and she hates alcohol and how much it has hurt her and her family. The church is supposed to be at least a somewhat safer place than the world and I know that she would have been so disillusioned as I already was. I think that it is wise to get to know new people before drinking in front of them at least in good conscience.

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