St. John of the Cross


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Scriptural View: 1/5
Missional View: 2/5
Community: 3/5

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Site Usabilility: 2/5
Site Design: 2/5
Site Content: 2/5

Summary: As I attended St. John of the Cross I was surprised by how little the congregation knew. I asked some people about their beliefs regarding Jesus Christ, life after death and the Bible. Most people could not even answer the most basic of questions. Many who did answer a question, held to a non-Biblical position. For example they did not think Jesus was God.

The service was standard Catholic liturgy, which I enjoy as it gives me a time to reflect and pray. The message was a simple message about faith. There was no real content during the whole service except for communion, which is a powerful reminder if people approach it with reverence. Overall, there was little this church offered to those looking to learn about God.

We do not recommend people attend this church. We gather from the weak preaching and the confusion of the congregants the Bible is not taught nor held to as God’s word.


  1. Unfortunately what you experienced at this church is fairly common in what are referred to as Novus Ordo Parish churches. The Catholic Church is going through some tremendous upheavals now as a result of what could charitably referred to as carnage in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Council. While certainly no expert in theological matters, I believe you could get a better representation of true Catholic faith by attending the Traditional Tridentine Mass at the Holy Cross Cemetary Chapel in San Diego.

  2. Dear friend,

    Please let the people know that the Mass in Spanish is guided by a Franciscan Father called Reuben, who is a very, very good!!!
    One of the best speakers of the County!!

    Thank you!!

  3. Its too bad people like Mike cannot accept the Novus Ordo, it is accepted as a valid Mass by the Vatican, Traditional catholics are all the same, its too bad. and as far as saying to NOT attend this church may be an injustice, a one time visitation is NOT an accurate assumption, by speaking to a couple ignorant catholics does not represent the entire congregation, and to the contrary, the Bible is held to be the inerrant Word of God and is taught as such!!!! the MASS is NOT a BIBLE STUDY, that is what CCD is for, something that is held at a different time. The Mass is the Catholic Church’s HIGHEST form of Worship for Our Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

  4. So sorry you feel that way. I will tell of a story one of the priests at St. John of the cross told his congregation. Why do we go to church every Sunday and it always seems like its the same routine over and over. Here is the story. ONE DAY TWO BUCKETS OF WATER WERE AT THE WATER WELL TALKING AND ONE SAID. “We come here every day for water, we fill the bucket and take it home to be emptied and then repeat the same the next day. over and over. The other bucket said ‘ YES EVERYDAY WE COME HERE EMPTY BUT WE LEAVE FULL OF WATER.” Our hearts and souls need what we gain from going to church, and it is our responsibility to fill our buckets, there is plenty there to do that. Open your hearts to it.

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