The Flood


Church Review
Scriptural View: 3/5
Beliefs: 3/5
Community: 3/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 3/5
Site Design: 4/5
Site Content: 3/5

Summary: The Flood is the ‘gen-x’ service at College Avenue Baptist Church. It offers alternative forms of worship, as their website states: “a word of warning about our concert ambiance . . . the music’s loud-very loud-and the lights are off!” I have attended the Flood service and personally I enjoy the worship but if you’re not expecting loud, concert style worship you’ll be in for a shock.

From my visits and from the website, The Flood is a typical ministry seeking to attract young college students. It offers entertaining style worship along with sermons that offer a good basics message. The Flood preaches topical messages that are fitting for young Christians. I spoke to a friend who recently attended a service (August 2004) and she put it well, “it isn’t so much what they say, it’s what they don’t say”. In other words, the messages are true but they leave so much more out that needs to be taught to Christians. The Flood is a good outreach to target students as they attend college but along with other college-aimed ministries/churches each year new students and hopefully converts are blessed by coming to the Flood, but at some point in a person’s faith they may need to move beyond what the Flood can offer. Some of this may be overcome if a person really plugs in to additional small group, personal study and mentoring opportunities at this Church. Also part of what I believe is a lacking at the Flood involves their Theological teaching which is similiar to my concerns with Calvary-style churches.

I just spoke to a friend who visted the 9pm service (Nov 14th) where the had an interpretive dance. Two people danced together to illustrate our relationship with God. Hmmm? Relevance gone too far?

A good church to come and learn the basics and participate in concert-style worship for younger and new Christians.


  1. I just wanted to say in defense that the messages are simple, however, I think that Jesus had intended his messages to be simple. If we are to go beyond our means in trying to convey to the general audience, what a good Christian is like, than we are lost with WHAT THE SIMPLE MESSAGE, that we are trying to understand from the sermons. The Flood is a great chruch, I was raised Catholic and Assembly of God, as well as a Sunday School Teacher for 6 years of my life and a youth leader, this by far is honest and sincere chruch, the pastor teaches that we are to humble ourselves and recognize our flaws, and grow by changing them everyday as a young Christian in this society. I have been to 4 different chruches here in San Diego, in the last 5 years, this has been the niche I have been looking for in San Diego, thus far as a church!

  2. Flood church kicked me out after I beged for money so I can eat and after I asked for rides home. What a church!


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