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Summary: The Third Day Church movement is a Charismatic house church movement that began here in San Diego and is now in eight countries. Here is an excerpt from their website about this movement:

On several occasions, history has provided the needed critical mass and the synergistic inertia to thrust the church into breaking out of its’ box and becoming the force in culture and society that God intended it to be. Today, the church, at the dawning of the 21st Century, has once again reached this “critical mass.” It’s something so big and so obvious that the winds of change demand we look hard at our forms and face the reality that a different church must provide a different response to a postmodern age. This Third Millennium (“a day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day,” 2 Peter 3:8; Psalm 90:4), or this “Third Day” requires a “Third Way” of doing and being the church, even a third Reformation.

There are a lot of things that this church is doing that San Diego Church Reviews agrees with. They are highly missional, they desire to remove traditions that impede on the advance of the gospel and the active involvement of all people in the church to ‘be the church’ not just attend one. There are two primary areas of concern about Third Day Churches; staying within the bounds of Scripture and the belief of modern day prophecy. The home churches offer a place that is “free for people to do whatever they want” which can be liberating but also can lead to unbiblical practice. Second, the belief that a person can prophesy and ‘speak for God’ is dangerous. Third Day offers Schools of Prophecy to help train people to use this gift which we believe is no longer necessary with the completion of the Apostolic period. Unfortunately, to truly know how Third Day conducts themself, someone would need to attend their church for a season to ‘test the spirits’ that are being used.

A facinating house church movement. This Church is not recommended for everyone and we offer a word of caution for people to investigate their practices before joining.


  1. It seems to me that the only reason this movement is not recommended is that it’s TOO biblical for those whose theology explains away large portions of scripture because it doesn’t fit into their disponsational box.

    This movement is not recommened because it is puting into practice 1 Corinthians 14:1 “Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may PROPHESY.”

    This movement is not recommended because it is puting into practice 1 Corinthians 14:26 “How is it then, brethren? Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. LET ALL THINGS BE DONE for edification.

    This is a place … “where all the gathered believers can potentially participate in the gatherings” and “instead of a single-pastor system with program-driven worship, each person in the Body is supposed to bring something from the Lord that will cause another to mature in love and good deeds.” Quotes from

    This movement should be HIGHLY RECOMMENDED unless you still want to sit in a pew, keep your mouth shut, pay the professionals to do Church for you, and hope no new wine comes and bursts the old wineskin!

  2. Here is a review that provides some insight for people who are considering on whether to attend a Third Day Church:

  3. In response to Mr. Buddle:
    I think your review of the Third Day Churches seemed like one of judgment without really talking to someone from Third Day or attending one of the meetings. Or did you? Your comment did not state why you came to the conclusions of what Third Day believes.

    Why does the ‘Church’ get all in a titer over form, or non form or better yet, why does someone else’s obedience to God cause others to freak out? Unless you are in relationship with someone from Third Day, what you are saying is opinion without heart. To say that Third Day believes that God is just there as a ‘Bless Me’ God and that is what we are hanging the Third Day sign on is just plain ridiculous. If you had been around any meeting at all and asked what it meant, you would hear this… Anything can happen on the Third Day… That sounds pretty New Testament Church to me. Walking around with Jesus seemed to be pretty random and new and the disciples were hanging out while Jesus looked for what the Father was up to so He could be smack dab in the middle of it. No one knew what they were hanging around waiting for in Acts. Anything could have happened and it did. No one in Third Day is stating that it is blessing or hardship or sorrow or joy… it is anything…God can do anything, anytime, anywhere and through anyone… if we will just look for Him in each other…

    It is time for the ‘Church’ to start digging for Gold in one another and quit looking for all the bad stuff. We all have bad stuff. Mr. Buddle, I am sure you are not perfect… I am not perfect. Come to a meeting, talk to someone who has been around for awhile, find out for yourself what is really going on. Third Day is a movement of people who just want God… at any cost, at any time of the day or night, we want His presence, we want His ideas, we want to Know Him, we want to know what He wants. We want to know HIM… in each other and in ourselves. We want everyone to KNOW the God of our universe. The Holy Bible is our guideline, our menu for life, we eat of it and devour it on some occasions. Our house might not look like your house Mr. Buddle, but we will continue to honor your house and love that you are there, on the path with us, going the same direction. All houses of God are His. We honor that. God can use anyone and anything to advance His Kingdom. After all it is HIS Kingdom. My prayer is that as you attempt to represent God to others as you give opinions of HIS houses, that you keep in mind just that… They are all His houses and He loves all of us!!!!

    Blessings, Tracey Barton

  4. ReBuddle

    Dear Mr Buddle,

    I have been pondering your comments regarding the Third Day Churches and I must say that I wonder if it has ever crossed your mind that “narrow is the road” and “narrow is the mind” may be two entirely different things.

    I have been a christian for over 30 years and it is self-proclaimed “watchdogs” like you and your institute that have made want to weep in frustration and grief for most of those 30 years.

    You, and those with similar agendas, make a mockery of Paul’s instruction to not judge our brothers on DISPUTABLE matters (Rom. 14 & 15) and instead, “rejoice with those who rejoice” (Rom. 12:15) and “make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification” (Rom. 14:19).

    In my humble opinion, there are only a couple of “INDISPUTABLES” in the Bible. What makes them “indesputables” is that our salvation rests upon one and our “Christ-likeness” rests on the other. The first is that Jesus, God’s son, was sent to die on the cross for our sins and by believing in Him anyone can have a whole and lasting life and spend eternity with God. (John 3:16). The second is that we are commanded to love God with all our passion and prayer and intelligence and to love one another as we love ourselves. These two commandments were, in Jesus’ opinion, the only way of fulfilling the law (Matt. 22:37-40).

    So, it would seem that those two scriptures sum up what Jesus was trying to say to the religious world around Him in a nutshell and they seem to be the ONLY two scriptures that denominations of every kind can agree upon. As well, the only thing I can think of that determines my salvation is whether or not I believe that Jesus died for my sins and accept His sacrifice for myself, adding nothing to that (like works), and as a result of believing that, humbly attempt to walk out, in grace, the love that He has given me in my actions towards others. I don’t believe anyone could argue with that. However, having said that, it appears that every other thing that could be argued from the Scriptures has been argued, for and against, for hundreds of years. That is why we have denominations in the first place, because those of us called to walk with Jesus could not agree on what the Word says about any given matter outside of John 3:16 and Matt 22:37-40 (as mentioned above).

    Therefore, I have had to come to the simple conclusion that all other things that the “church” argues over are simply doctrines and traditions.

    Mr. Buddle, everything you believe can be “proven” by YOUR interpretation of the Word, but in the same fashion, so can someone else do the same thing about the same subject. As an example, baptism, emersion or sprinkling? Disputable. Communion, grape juice or wine, wafers or bread? Disputable. And here’s a good one, spiritual gifts, dispensational or non-dispensational? Disputable. Or how about miracles or no miracles? Disputable (except to the south african who was raised from the dead yesterday). What about God heals today or God doesn’t heal today? Again, disputable (unless you are one of the thousands around the globe that happened to be healed after praying to JESUS). And here’s an odd one, soul sleep or instantly with Jesus when we take our last breath? Disputable. On the placement of a COMMA! WOW. “Verily, verily, I say unto you(,) today you will be with me in paradise” OR Verily, verily I say unto you today(,) you will be with me in paradise”. Seems kind of silly to me, but it is very important to my Seventh Day Adventist friends, whom, I might add, love Jesus like I do and believe those irrefutables like I do. Oh, and here’s another good one, post, pre or mid-trib? All disputable.

    I can only hope you are getting my rather tongue in cheek point, though that is not likely, for you remind me of the men that Paul was speaking to regarding the matter of meat in Romans 14. But I can still hope that others might read this and get the point that you will likely miss. It’s the “narrow road, narrow mind” thing.

    I have to confess that I find it incredibly presumptous of you and others like you to attempt to take on the role of the Holy Spirit in the lives of others without solicitation by those said others. Furthermore, your whole attempt to “warn” others who have the same Holy Spirit as you do, the Spirit of God who has been sent to, among other things “lead us into ALL Truth” (John 14), is an appaling attempt at playing Holy Spirit based, in my opinion, on nothing but fear and said presumption.

    I don’t view my God from a punitive, legalistic lens and, as a consequence, I am not afraid of making a mistep, not afraid that I could be misled into misinterpreting scripture, because I am confident that, unless I suddenly stop believing that Jesus is the only atonement for my sin, then God and I will be fine. I choose not live my life in fear that I will “be deceived” by someone who may differ with me in a “desputable” and lead me down the merry path of certain eternal damnation. That kind of myopic paranoia will only lead me to fear my brother or sister in Christ and make my life one of certain misery, for one can never have real relationship with someone they fear. Again, at the risk of being redundant, I believe Scripture makes it evident that God desires us have relationships with one another that are based on our love for Christ and not because we both agree on the “disputables”! It is clear we are not to judge one another just because I may dip and you might sip. That’s called a “club”, not a church.

    Just in case you are now in doubt of my salvation and think I am being irreverant, I do want to say that I do indeed have a holy fear and awe of the amazing and mysterious God that loves me, BUT I do not walk in fear of being rejected because I have not done it all right. If I could do it all perfectly then I guess I too, would be mysterious and amazing. I take God very seriously, myself not so much and everything else is taken with the proverbial grain of salt.

    Lastly, if I may, I would like to address your concerns for Third Day Churches and pastors who are involved. If you were to sit down with Gary and Jane Goodell you would find two people who are evangelicals at their core (I am distraught by my need to even defend them to you with a label, but I believe you really understand labels, they probably make you feel safe). I would urge you to re-read their mission statement, if you haven’t done so (and I would find it unthinkable that anyone would “critique” them without doing so first!). They are simply trying to flesh out a CONCEPT (Third day) that they believe God gave them. Are you familiar with that word, Mr. Buddle?
    Pronunciation: ‘kän-”sept
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Latin conceptum, neuter of conceptus, past participle of concipere to conceive —more at CONCEIVE
    Date: 1556
    1 : something conceived in the mind : THOUGHT, NOTION
    2 : an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances
    synonym see IDEA

    So you see, Mr. Buddle, nothing to be afraid of, no wolves in sheeps clothing here nor someone handing out coolaid. Just a concept, sir, that something new (and ancient) is on the horizon and they and those like them are simply not afraid to check it out.

    You, sir, use scripture as a weapon, something which, I believe, makes God cringe. I was taught that scripture was never meant to be used as something to hurt the people God loves, nor was it meant to be a divisive tool. I believe it was meant to lead us to, and guide and teach us how to be more like Jesus. I also don’t believe scripture was meant to be worshiped by fearful men who fear “experience” with an unpredictable God (you might want to peruse the Old Testament again) and therefore are satisfied with a one demensional relationship with a very three demensional God. Only God is to be worshiped.

    And I lied, that wasn’t the last thing.

    This is. I am continually grieved by the everpresent spirit of religion (think pharisee) that is so pervasive in the church. That spirit causes you, sir, to believe that you and those who agree with you, alone, know how to interpret scripture, and to judge others who do not agree with you. Sadly, you can’t even be honest about the fact that you are indeed, judging, instead you call it “warning”, which is simply a euphamism for judgement. Perhaps fooling yourself into thinking you are making people safe makes you feel better and allows you to sleep at night. But the truth is that you are, sir, what makes non believers ridicule the church, at least the ones I know that have spoken of such things. For you bring nothing to the table but divisiveness over the “disputables”, and in doing so, you, sir, misrepresent the heart of my Father, and THAT is what a spirit of religion does. It causes those who have not yet come to know the loving heart of the Father to never want to. They have no desire to go from a world that accepts them into one which will judge them. They are just “unsaved,” not insane.

    I could get into all the scripture that speaks of divisiveness, but I am just too tired at this point. And the truth is, you will receive none of this anyway. You will see me as just another poor, deceived “charismaniac”. But I sure feel better after getting all this off my chest and I can only hope that this might cause someone else reading this forum to ask some hard questions about your position as a self-appointed “watchdog” for the “can’t think for themselves” masses. May He continue to be merciful to you and to those with your sad, sad agenda.

    Respectfully yours, for His sake,
    Linda Wilson

  5. Linda,
    I find it almost laughable that are blind to the fact that what you are chastising Mr. Biddles for is exaclty what you are doing. Doesn’t this strike you as odd. If you are to live consistently with your relativistic postmodern hermaneutic, then the best you can do is stay silent since any talk of good/bad, right/wrong, is nothing more than your opinion and should be dismissed without a second thought. I wonder if within your particualr slant on scripture if you think that it honors the Lord to simply assume whatever you want and call it “disputable.” Do you think we should simply consider what the JW’s think as nothing more than “disputable?” Or how about the Mormons? If not, why?

  6. I would like to agree with Linda and ask Dr. Dontyaknow, if upon reading this he does’nt want to consider a few possibilities?

    Firstly, Linda is just trying to be vulnerable and accepting of others’ perspectives, within the same faith, she is appealing for some kind of sanity amongst believers. Which, I might add is what Jesus commanded us as Christians to do, LOVE for each other. Can you not see that?

    Secondly, God is a God of diversity, just look at nature and see how God loves colour and diversity. Even the ‘New Age Movement’ understands that. We need diversity.

    Lastly, we as the church need to fulfill the Great Commission and find every ounce of strength to complete that commision, without killing our own spiritual children, who are trying their level best. We really need to pray for each and not kill each person that has a zeal and vision for God, with words. Jesus said that if we use one word against another believer we are in danger of the judgement. So, I’d like to encourage you to be carefull with your words. (If I was an unbeliever, I would be so put off God by your behaviour.)

  7. Okay, coming from a reformed background I definitely think that there are offices in a church. How can you explain any offices if you have none? Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion on things, but taking verses for themselves and not looking at passages around them doesn’t entitle you to a church. 1 Corinthians 14:26 definitely does say that everyone has a tongue or all that stuff, but that very section is called “Orderly Worship” so it would seem that there are also some cautions in that passage. Such cautions would be to let only two or three speak in turn and everyone else weigh what they say.

  8. If you would like to experience a true “Wacko Convention” I suggest you check out a meeting of Third Day. I have never seen a larger congregation of misguided religious wackos in my life. I mean these people are truely off their collective rockers. And their so called leader Gary Goodall, thinks he is some kind of modern day Moses or something. The several meetings I attended I saw people literally fallin down in the aisles laughing hysterically, people running laps around the perimeter of the pews, people crying hysterically, people waving flags and dancing in what can only be called hypnotic dances and even an obviously demented young man pacing up and down in front of the crowd, screaming into a handheld mike while proclaiming some wild eye “prophesying.” I kid you not, these people would probably be declared legally insane in a court of law. Then of course there is the so called “healing” that goes on by “the anointed.” The “healer” gets up and proclaims that he has a “word of knowledge” that someone in the audience has toenail fungus ( I kid you not!) that God wants to heal. I’m not saying these folks arent’ saved or that they don’t love the Lord and try to genuinely serve Him, but if you ever get the opportunity to witness the goings on at one of the Wacko Conventions, you will see what I mean.

  9. I would like to apologize for my comments I made about Third Day Church. I have no business judging them like I did. I know for a fact they love the Lord and serve Him and just because I find their methods a little unorthodox is no reason for me to knock them. Please disregar my comments and I would ask the moderators to even delete them. Check out Third Day for yourself and see what you think. BTW, I think their worship is OUTSTANDING and light years above and beyond what most churches call worhsip in San Diego. It is truely and enlighteing and refreshing worhship experience that will bring you closer to the Lord, and for me that is what worship is all about. Again, please forgive me for shooting off my mouth and stepping out of line in judging Third Day. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ and they love and serve the Lord. That’s good enough for me.

  10. I found Linda Wilson’s comments very articulate, insightful and refreshing. I am really weary of extremely dogmatic orthodox fundamentalist or whatever Christians badmouthing anyone in the body of Christ they do not appreciate, and we are all supposed to just take it without comment. In my opinion, linda’s plea is the cry of the Holy Spirit for unity in the church. I realize we will never agree on everything, but on the issue of love for God and love for each other we should not deviate. It saddens me that so many Christians want to keep the rest of the body of Christ from experiencing anything at all if it seems they will ague the point to death and go to any length to get their view accross. They remind me or the Apostle Paul before he was converted, attacking the church and thinking he was doing God a favor. These “wackos” appear to have more joy, be more devoted to God, enjoy their Christianity more, are more loving and less critical (I don’t see them attacking and sending hate mail) and experience more miracles than the ones who are criticizing the movements. Why is that I wonder? Ms Wilson, may I post your letter on my web site?

  11. I would just like to express my graitude to God that there are actually third level christian people in the Church of Jesus Christ. We who have managed to wade through all the trashy carnality of level one and two(Babyhood & Childhood)in this fleshly wilderness of the first two days of our redemption process, are blessed indeed.I feel refreshed indeed, by the fellowship of individuals like yourself. I would like to submitt my own personal revelation to you for consideration. I have been a born again filled with the Holy Ghost christian for some 31 years. I have been studying the word of God to show myself approved of God all my christian life. About five years ago, the Lord spoke to me saying “Stop studying, now and rest in my Spirit, and I will reveal unto you, by my Spirit what it is you have learned.” I realize now that I entered into the third day level rest(adulthood)the same day the lord spoke to me. Thank God, for that day. There are three levels of understanding in Christ. the babyhood level, the childhood level & the adulthood level. The natural(or carnal part) man receives not the things of God, because they are spiritually discerned, but the spiritual(70%Or more) man judges all things, he himself is judged of no man. Jesus said” some 30, some 60, and some 100″. For instances, the babe, who holds 30% or less spirituality, and 70% or more carnality, does not know yet that he does not know what his Elders(the 3ard level adults)are talking about. The babe,s next level is Childhood. And he must grow through this childhood level to at least 60% spirituality before he can began to understand the adult,s meat. PS, I truly believe that we, the Church,are about ready to receive the latter rain(third level anointing)that goes with this third level revelation. In Fact, if I have truly heard the Lord, and I believe I have, the anointing will fall beginning 2007. The book of Joel states that the former and latter rain will fall in the first month. So remember we are all members of the Church regardless of our particuliar levels of spiritual growth. We who find ourselves in the third level at this time must be certain that we are up to the task a hand, we are the Adults and judgement must begin at the House of God in this third level.
    Thanks For Fellowship, JOHN MOSES FREEMAN

  12. Happliy, we seem to be entering an era of Christian community in which unity in our common faith in Jesus is more important than the issues which divide us. Grace to the author of San Diego Church Review and others who remain on the outside looking in.

  13. Declaring a personal belief, and an understanding of Scripture will always be a passionate thing to those who love God with all of their hearts. Jesus’ passion allowed Him to go to the cross for us. Those who choose to receive and believe His gift of salvation have grateful hearts, and exercise themselves in Christ-like qualities. We are often limited by our understanding, and more often by our experiences. God has proven Himself to be merciful and gracious as He leads the believer to a greater intimacy and relationship with Him. I encourage the reader to “taste and see that the Lord is good”. Pray to the Lord Jesus, whom you love, trust and obey and ask Him to present Himself to you, even as you become more available to Him, in His unlimited facets of glory. Be responsible to pray with your whole heart, and just dialog with Him daily. He rose from the dead, after all, so expect Him to be alive! Anticipate that others may not share your view. If you share your experiences, trust that the Spirit of God will indeed lead us to all Truth. He may choose to lead others to Himself, using your words to quicken their spirits or He may have another design for their lives that doesn’t include you at all. Be prayerful, exercise grace and mercy. Your motivation must always be love. Walk in love. PS. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss it! God is faithful to forgive when we repent. Make it right with people when you discover you were wrong, if that’s possible. Trust God has already provided for a learning curve. It’s in place for you, me and all other individuals. In Him…..

  14. Declaring a scriptual Beleif The first century Church visted out of
    House to House , the Crtitcs Dont know what theyr talking about.

  15. !st day church, 2nd day church, 3rd day church? How many churches does Jesus have?

    I’ll answer my own question. He has only one church, one Bride. The whole concept of former house, latter house, former rain, latter rain, et., etc. deals with the Old Covenant House (former) and the New Covenant House (the Church). All believers no matter what their level of spiritual growth be it 30, 60, or 100 fold are part of His Church the One He builds not man. If we’re going to house church meeting to return to the simplicity of the New Testament Church so be it, but in the New Testament Church according to ! Cor. 14:40 “everything is to be done decently and in an orderly manner.” If what the one brother is saying and having witnessed for myself these same things; Paul’s admonition to the Church at Cornith might well fit in these churches as well????Paul had a little different word for the Colossians there he rejoiced in their discipline/good order.

    Overall 3rd seems to be no different from the ‘sonship’ teachings that came out of the Latter Rain Movement same dish just a new platter.
    One thing I would say here is they and 3rd day focus far to much on some elite body of super saints, but Paul said the work of ascension gifts ministry is to equip “ALL the saints.

    I’m a full tilt charismatic who believes, along with the teaching of Paul, that all believers have a greater revelation of Christ. I have many 3rd day friends I’m connected to, but I don’t always agree with all their teachings, but I do believe their heart’s desire is to grow up into the Head, if that is truly the case then He won’t let them fail He’ll give them their heart’s desire.

  16. I’m not a fan of churches pushing charismania. Nor do I have experience speaking in tongues or prophecing. But scripture clearly states that it’s possible and never clearly says it will stop when the apostles die or when the canon closes. It says it will cease when The Perfect returns which is obviously Jesus.

    1 Corinthians 13:8-11

    I applaud you for exposing churches that are all about “teaching” gifts and charamtic chasos because simply, it’s not for everyone.

    It’s one thing to review a church because you have a disagreement, but when your disagreements aren’t scriptural, but trendy, something is wrong.

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