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Authority Scripture and tradition Sola Scriptura – Scripture alone
Bible Includes apocrypha Excludes apocrypha
Results of Fall Corruption and tendency to sin Total depravity and guilt
Free will Free to do good or evil Free only to do evil
Predestination Related to God’s foreknowledge Related to God’s decrees
Atonement Death of Christ created merit that is shared with sinners through sacraments Death of Christ was a substitutionary sacrifice that satisfied God’s justice
Divine grace Prevenient grace helps one believe; efficacious grace cooperates with the human will to do good Common grace enabling good works given to all; sufficient grace for salvation given to elect only
Good works Meritorious Results of divine grace and unworthy of merit
Salvation Received at baptism; may be lost by mortal sin; regained by penance Result of divine grace; unconditional
The Church Salvation is not found outside the Catholic Church (Catech 846) but those who believe in Christ and are properly baptized are in certain communion with the Church (Catech 838). There is a distinction between the visible and invisible church. God saves anyone he chooses, regardless of church membership.
Sacraments Convey grace by their operation (ex opere operato). Means of grace only if received with faith.
Priests A special vocation for some believers; mediators between God and man Priesthood of all believers.
Transubstantiation Affirmed Rejected – "Real Presence" instead.
Purgatory Affirmed Denied
Prayer to saints Accepted Rejected

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  1. i am trying to find a nondenominational christian church. i haven’t been able to find one where the pastor is excellant and the church members are warm, caring and sincere.
    the church i have been attending has a great pastor, however the members are stand offish and not welcoming.
    can you recommend a church?

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