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Ethnos Church


(University Town Center)

Church Review
Scriptural View: 4/5
Missional View: 5/5
Community: 5/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 4/5
Site Design: 4/5
Site Content: 3/5

Summary: Ethnos is a new church (2 years old) in the University Town Center area. Ethnos (like the name implies) is a community that reflects a vast cultural diversity. Ethnos has made an identity for itself as a place of multi-cultural worship, mult-language service, and a broader reflection of diversity, something most churches lack today.

Ethnos mixes a strong desire to be missional to the community around them which, according to their website has “over one-third are of ethnic background.” At the present time Ethnos is about 40-50 people but the numbers grow as college gets back in session. Pastor Yucan Chui leads this church, which is loosely affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

A missional church that seeks to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the community around them.

2 Responses to “Ethnos Church”

  1. Yucan Says:

    Just to clarify, although the group has a number of UCSD graduates and students, it has other folks as well, and it is not a college- based or college-focused church.

  2. site admin Says:


    Thanks for the feedback, we edited the listing.

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