Bonita Valley Community Church


Church Review
Scriptural View: 3/5
Missional View: 3/5
Community: 3/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 3/5
Site Design: 2/5
Site Content: 2/5

Summary: Bonita Valley is a community church that desires to be all things to all people. The service I attended offered a very simple message. The good news is that it was based on the Bible. The challenge is that I do not believe over a period of time a person can grow that much sitting under the preaching. The church does offer a large (and I mean large) variety of weekly programs for every age group and sin. Alcoholics to teens, tweens, babies and adults. The glaring missing group is a mens group.

We can only nominally recommend this church IF someone was very active in Bible Studies and studied the Scripture as a part of their life.


  1. I’m surprised to read your review of the messages of our church. I have been a Christian for over forty years and have attended many different Christian churches. The pastors at Bonita Valley Community Church almost always present outstanding and INDEPTH Word-of-God sermons. Most people are genuinely friendly and caring here, and the programs, including the children’s ministries, are wonderful! But that would not keep me here if it weren’t for growing consistantly in God’s Word and guidance for my life. I challege the reviewer to come back and visit again. Perhaps the message was different than usual. At any rate, I rank BVCC HIGH in excellent teaching and consider it an excellent church for all ages and backgrounds. Our motto is “Bonita Valley Community Church: Where Something Real Is Happening!’ It truly is, Praise God!

  2. I too was surprised that the initial reader left the comments they did. I have attended BVCC for nearly two and half years after attending many different churches (due to travel with the Navy) and I have grown the most at BVCC. I’ve a real understanding of what being a Christian is and I not only claim to be a Christian but I have a a deep understanding of who God is and who I am to Him. This church is hands down one of the best I have had priveldge to attend. It is one of my deepest sorrows that I am again being transferred and will have to find another church to attend. I’m not worried, I know I will find the church that will be just what I need and I will be just what they need!

  3. I agree with Ms Bradley myself. I am so surprised to read this review as well. My husband and I come from a previous divorce. We both have been challenged in our lives with our ex’s not being Christians. We married and moved to San Diego finding this church as we drove around our neighborhood. We fell in love with the church and how much the Word of the God was spoken. The worship and prais and the kids ministries for our little ones. My husband and I recommited our lives again and we thank Bonita Valley for that. The children as well ask if we are ever going back to Bonita.

    We have left Bonita Valley not because we chose to but because we are a military family. The only thing we do miss about San Diego is Bonita Valley Community Church. We hope to make another tour out to San Diego before my husband retires for the simple reason, “Bonita Valley Community Church: Where something Real Is Going On!” Amen to that Patricia…

  4. the youth ministry changed my life. The worship is awsome, it’s so great to see your own friends crying because of the joy of the lord. Everyone is friendly to you, you don’t just see one group together, for example the skaters and the “g-units” lol don’t just hang around with just their group, you see all kinds of people hanging togther and I think that’s cool because everyone pretty much knows each other although it is a big group. Also the preaching is very great for us teens because the pastor is young an knows from experince what we are going through whether it’s pressure with drugs, sex or everyday teen pressure. It’s also very fun, we have crazy games and see funny, crazy videos. It’s very chill and you will have a fun time, but also you will experince God!

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