Faith Community Church by the Sea




Church Review
Theology: 4/5
Mission: 4/5
Community: 4/5
Worship: 3/5

Summary: The service I attended was called a ‘mini-service’ at 8:45am (their main service is at 10am) for people who server. Doug Baker did a great job preaching through the word and tying in the history and context of the passage. Faith Community is in the process of building a church campus and is raising money to do this. At the present time, they meet in a school. There were many things I liked about my experience at the church and based on the interaction and conversations, I would recommend this as a place for people to attend. (Their website is another subject though, clicking on ‘Calendar of Events’ almost shut my computer down.)

A solid church that taught from the scripture and has a heart to reach the community around them. We recommend this church.


  1. Good Service

  2. I really REALLY enjoyed Pastor Doug Baker’s expository teaching. He does a great job in making the Bible accessible and he communicates an honest happiness about his faith and job as teacher. HOWEVER, the “Praise Team” start of the worship? Wow. It was 22 minutes until we finally got into doctrine. 🙁 I often wonder if we could draw a curtain to hide the on-stage performers from our view…and just LISTEN to those lyrics…or perhaps close our eyes in silent prayer as we are “supported” by the music…if there would be the same “attraction;” for either the band members to participate or those investigating any Praise-Team-oriented church at as a church home. Personally, I am getting very TIRED of how “Praise Team” activity dominates the opening of services. (sigh) I will COME to a concert at any time of the week! But when we gather for worship? I just want to crack open my Bible and with a pastor’s breath-taking education, holy spirt guidence and anointed gifts — be engaged and TEACH ME.


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