Anchor Gaslamp Church

Anchor Gaslamp Church



Church Review
Theology: 5/5
Mission: 5/5
Community: 5/5
Worship: 4/5

Summary: Anchor Gaslamp is a church that is intentional about reaching downtown San Diego.  From it’s inception, the community builds in numerous missions, service projects and ways to express God’s love to the Greater San Diego area.  Sermons are both relevant and filled with grace.  It’s a younger community but all are welcome.  Throughout the week, people gather in missional communities to be an expression of God’s people where they live.  They started their first missional community in 2007. During this time the group met in the Downtown San Diego area, in locations which varied from restaurants to hotels to coffee houses & pubs until its first Sunday Gathering in a nightclub on Easter Sunday, 2008.  Since that time Anchor Gaslamp has steadily grown into a loving community that is motivated by living out the gospel message and watching it slowly change their city for the better. You’ll find them in various locations throughout the week, meeting in public, laughing & loving one another, using their hands to work change in the lives of homeless teens & orphans, raising awareness of world causes, and being the church.

For those looking for a great church in downtown San Diego, this church is highly recommended...


  1. I would be careful giving them a 5 star rating. They are Pentecostal teachers and seem to preach love with very little conviction about sin. Their blurb about not focusing on Hell is telling:

    • Jon,
      The concern is appreciated. The elders of Anchor do come from Pentecostal backgrounds but are now more in alignment with a reformed soteriology. If you notice the interview did say Anchor believes in a literal Heaven & Hell. In fact we have grown in our teaching on it since then, as can be heard in our podcasts here:

      I personally wish I would have answered that question differently in the interview. I was a new pastor with a descent understanding of hell, but a truncated understanding of mission and contextualization. The question caught me off guard… My desire in that moment was to try not to scare off would be Christians by starting with Hell Fire instead of Gods love… Unfortunately the full answer was not represented in the article because I jumped around a bit. In the past five years since that interview I have come to be persuaded not only of the necessity of teaching hell with love, but also with passionate clarity. It is the result of our unbelief in God which leads to sin and death. Of course the Good News is all the better because of the bad news… Praise God that He sent His Son to near the full weight of His wrath for our sin, that we could receive grace more amazing than we ever could imagine!

      There is a clear doctrinal statement on our website now as well. God Bless!

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