Maranatha San Diego


Church Review
Scriptural View: 2/5
Missional View: 3/5
Community: 3/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 3/5
Site Design: 2/5
Site Content: 2/5

Summary: Maranatha is a common church name (meaning ‘the Lord is coming’). This Maranath church is a Seventh Day Adventist Church. There are several distinctions that Seventh Day Adventists’ hold to that Christians should be aware of prior to selecting this church. The most obvious being that the churches meet on Saturday.

Seventh Day Adventists believe because God created the world in seven days and rested on Saturday, this is what we are required to do by the Ten Commandments. Churches who do not meet on Saturday are breaking one of the ten commandments. Other (major) differences are their belief that people who go to hell will be destroyed, they will not live eternally. They believe Jesus is Michael the Archangel, that our sins will be placed on Satan (The Great Controversy, p. 422, 485.), that on October 22, 1844 Jesus entered the second and last phase of his atoning work (Based on the Jewish Day of Atonement) amongst others. Oddly, a church that takes the scripture so literal doesn’t take passages about men pastors literally so woman is co-senior pastor at Maranatha. For more:

Christian apologists and countercult experts disagree on whether or not Seventh-day Adventism (SDA) should be classified as, theologically, a cult of Christianity. Source Seventh-day Adventism – Apologetics Index

A subset of Christian thought that we do not recommend to Christians to attend.


  1. I was disappointed with the review that was given to the Maranatha Seventh Day Adventist Church. I would like to have read more about your exprience at the church rather than just not recommending it because you disagree with the churche’s theology. I have never been to Maranatha, but just by looking at their website it looks like they are sharing the gospel and taking part in their community. I believe that this is a wonderful idea of rating churches, however in the future it would also be nice to see how friendly the members were, did you feel welcomed, was the sermon relevent , services the church offers, etc. Thank You and God Bless.

  2. Have you rated this church? It is a beautiful building with a great website and very sound teaching but I am finding the interaction a little challenging with the staff. Also have you rated Christian Life Center?

  3. please note that this is different from maranatha chapel in rancho bernardo, which in my experience is a very solid church. you can find more info on it at

  4. I am disappointed with your review of the church. It seems you are not rating the church, but rating the denomination. Also it seems you went in this church with preconceived ideas instead with an open mind. But I do find your evaluation not helpful in terms of the church itself, except that you don’t agree with women as Pastors.

  5. Kurt,

    I have no problem with women as pastors. Unfortunately, the Bible does, therefore God does.

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