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You may notice a few changes in how we list San Diego Churches as well as future rankings. Rather than the old 0-5 Star system, we’ve changed the ranking to the recommendation level system. We believe this should more clearly communicate to people reading the site. Our suggestion is people only attend Highly Recommended to Average churches. To be an average church, the minimum requirement is an Evangelical belief (The Bible is true, Jesus is the only way to salvation, etc.).

The second change involves the ranking.

Church Review
Scriptural View:

These rankings will now be changed to the following:

Church Review
Scriptural View: What a Church believes, teaches and lives. Do they teach the whole counsel of the Bible? Do they preach exegetically (ie. From the Bible verse by verse, book by book) or topical messages. How do they interpret doctrine.
Missional View: How this church reaches out to the lost. Are they a church that embraces their calling to bear the good news of Jesus Christ? Do they focus on a local and international mission of spreading the Kingdom of God?
Community: Does the church foster community? Do they have elders in place to lead/serve the congregation? How do they counsel people in matters of life, marriage and sin? Is the community called to live what they believe?

We hope these changes assist you as you look for a church to attend. We believe these three criteria are central to a church fulfilling it’s calling as described in the Bible. As always, we appreciate your comments, suggestions and participation in the conversation. (Coming soon… Church Reviews Nationwide at churchreviews.org)

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  1. What a blessing your ranking service is ! I just started looking thru it and find it informative and doctrinally excellent.

    I suggest adding one more ranking (for information purposes): Style of worship. So many non-denominational churches are blindingly loud with vapid lyrics . . . and so many traditional mainstream churches are deadly dull and sing all worship as if it was a funeral dirge.

    Can you find a way to alert us about this? What I personally prefer is an eclectic mix of traditional, contemporary and gospel. When its so loud you can’t hear yourself (or the congregation) sing, it just kills my ability to enter into worship.

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