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Covenant Baptist Church


Church Review
Scriptural View: 5/5
Beliefs: 5/5
Community: 4/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 3/5
Site Design: 3/5
Site Content: 4/5

Summary: Covenant Baptist Church used to go by the name Unchained Christian Church. Their website has mp3’s you can listen to as well as they stream their services so that you can listen online. This church holds to strong doctrine and based upon what they believe, I would recommend this church. I have had a chance to attend a few services and their preacher, Gene Cook is a remarkable preacher and gifted teacher. Their service is a bit more traditional than much of the contemporary worship but this fits well with the community they are building.

Pastor Gene Cook also has a internet-radio program called Unchained Radio. On this program he tackles some of the more challenging issues Christians struggle with, he also hosts debates and other discussions that are beneficial to the believer. The Unchained Radio website has archives of past broadcasts, forums and other resources for people to use.

I would highly recommend this church, they have a solid foundation, a strong community and preach verse-by-verse through the Bible. This is a great church particularly for those who enjoy singing a hymn.

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  1. Dorothy Gager Says:

    We have a room with half bath to offer to a mature Christian woman who could live in with out 98 year old Aunt in Golden Hills, San Diego. Our aunt is a believer, and is very alert, uses her walker independently, dresses herself–only takes high blood pressure medication and drops for glaucoma.
    We will pay to have three meals/day cooked for her. Merry Maids comes once/month.
    Would you know of such a person in your community?
    Thank you,
    Dorothy Gager

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