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Kaleo Church


(Mission Valley, El Cajon & SDSU)

Church Review
Scriptural View: 5/5
Beliefs: 5/5
Community: 4/5

Website Review
Site Usabilility: 4/5
Site Design: 4/5
Site Content: 5/5 (A lot of content)

Summary: Kaleo derives its name from the Greek word meaning “called”. Pastor David Fairchild preaches through the Bible book-by-book, verse-by-verse bringing out the meaning, context and personal application of each passage. His powerful style is truthful and brutally honest. This is quite a contrast to the majority of churches that I have visited. Before and after the service the community demonstrates loving hospitality and interest in newcomers and visitors. The talented group of musicians that comprise the worship band not only modernize ancient hymns but also write their own original material.

The website is one of the best church sites I have seen. Images rotate each time you visit the home page and the core values and belifs of the church are prominently displayed and clearly communicated. The design is well thought out and easy to navigate. There is a plethora of content and is updated frequently. There are sermon MP3′s and a library of online teachings which include reviews of film, music, television, art and books as well as other cultural commentary. This emphasis on cultural engagement is one of the strongest areas of not only the website but the church itself. There is also an on-line forum in which members and visitors can engage in dialogue on a variety of interesting subjects.

Kaleo holds a strong position in their theological views deeply rooted in historic Christianity. It states on their website, “It is our passion that Kaleo would become a community that is being freed and transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is learning to worship God as His sons and daughters, and that is inviting others to experience the liberating power of the gospel.” From my experience, this church is doing exactly that.

Kaleo is a church that offers a wealth of resources online and clearly communicates a Biblical-centered belief. I highly recommend this church to everyone.

10 Responses to “Kaleo Church”

  1. Daniel Says:

    This is an awesome church. I knew the minute that I stepped in the doors that I had found something special. The worship, the community, just the atmosphere, all says, not only are we going places, but, we are anchored in God’s true word. This church beckons me, as if the church body were saying to me, directly, “Grow with me,” as a Christian, as a person.

    This is exactly what I need right now. I feel that God directed me to this church because he cares about me.

  2. Paula Says:

    I came to Kaleo about 7 months ago as a non-believer searching for truth and what the meaning of life was. I met Pastor David through myspace ;-) and asked him a few questions about the church. I visited the website and found that it was a great site with a lot of information and was easy to follow. When I first went, I was really nervous because I hadn’t been to a church in a really long time. I was surprised how friendly everyone was and the sermon was wonderful. The autmosphere was relaxed, you can wear shorts and sandals to church! The house worship band rocked. I knew right away this was a church/community I wanted to be apart of.

  3. Sarah Says:

    The pastor is bold and on fire but apparently lacking discernment in his choice of words. The pastor used words I have never heard from a pulpit nor think I will ever hear again.

  4. Dan Green Says:

    This church has a heart after Scripture. The preaching was “spot-on” from Col, Eph, Rom, and Ps. The pastor ran long by seeming to over-emphasize his main points — but Pastors get grace. :0)

    The worship could be helped by a sound system that is not so muddy. The music is “real” – meaning while it is mostly contemporary, it is not of the “7-11″ variety (7 words, sung 11 times in a row). It was also refreshing to feel a sense of reverence and not some kind of Christian pep rally. Hence, obligatory appluase after every praise song was NOT the case.

    The congregation appears to be mostly under 40, well educated, and lots of families. Their gatherings, group study and other instruction appear to be solid.

    I pray this congregation grows in strength and vibrancy!

  5. John F Says:

    I came across this website through a search engine.
    However I do have a question or two.

    What is your opinion of a woman being a pastor, versus a woman who is a teacher, a minister, a prophetess or a woman in a pastoral position without the title of pastor.

    My next ? is.
    When do you say is the original and true Sabbath, the day that we should honor God, keeping his day holy.

    I have other question but next time.

  6. site admin Says:

    John F.,

    This is not an ‘official church’ website so you probably won’t get answers to your questions. You probably should contact the church directly (email, forums, etc.)

  7. Linda Kane Says:


    I’m looking for a good friend Michael Hartman that moved and I was wondering if he taught Sunday School at your church.

    If so, would you please leave him a message to contact me?

    Thank you.

  8. Dennis Says:

    I’ve been extremely blessed by this church and it’s call to “live as the church” not just attend a service. Saw the San Diego Reader wrote up a review on them up as well.

  9. Lori Ann Says:

    For John F.
    God stated in the book of Isaiah that He would pour His Spirit upon all flesh. And Paul teaches that there should be sometype of head covering for a female (due to order and tradition) but if this reccomendation is not received then so be it. Basically, yes a woman can but prayerfully in the order and conduct of a holy woman. The Sabbath was originally on Saturday then changed to Sunday by the Romans. Your Sabbath can be any day you choose according to Christ and the New Testament, but majority of believers utilize Sunday. Take your time and read the bible in order for yourself and the Holy Ghost will lead/guide you into ALL truth, just ask Him to!

  10. Jack Robertson Says:

    Your Acts 29 Websites are very, very frustrating. We are considering a church change, & Acts 29 was recommended by a Pastor. I pulled up various websites & could not find an address. It must be there somewhere but it is in no way obvious. I would suggest an easily recognizable section/click on your homepage would show your address & perhaps a map & picture of your church.

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