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Faith Community Church by the Sea



Church Review
Theology: 4/5
Mission: 4/5
Community: 4/5
Worship: 3/5

Summary: The service I attended was called a ‘mini-service’ at 8:45am (their main service is at 10am) for people who server. Doug Baker did a great job preaching through the word and tying in the history and context of the passage. Faith Community is in the process of building a church campus and is raising money to do this. At the present time, they meet in a school. There were many things I liked about my experience at the church and based on the interaction and conversations, I would recommend this as a place for people to attend. (Their website is another subject though, clicking on ‘Calendar of Events’ almost shut my computer down.)

A solid church that taught from the scripture and has a heart to reach the community around them. We recommend this church.

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  2. Frank Johnson Says:

    Good Service

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