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The following are churches that have been reviewed in the San Diego area. ALL churches including non-reviewed churches can also be found in the San Diego Church Directory.

Highly Recommended
Kaleo Church (Mission Valley, El Cajon & SDSU College Area)
Crossroads Church (Chula Vista)
Ethnos Church (UTC)
Faith Bible Church (Murrieta)
Harbor Presbyterian Church (Multi-Site)
The Fields Church (Carlsbad)

Coastlands Church (Pacific Beach)
Faith Community Church by the Sea (Encinitas)
Escondido United Reformed Church (Escondido)
Grace (Mira Mesa)
Grace Bible Church
New Hope Presbyterian
New Life Presbyterian Church
SD Citadel Corps Community Center (Salvation Army)
San Diego Christian Reformed Church
San Diego Church

Bonita Valley Community Church (Bonita)
Calvary Chapel San Diego
Clairemont Covenant Church
Community Bible Church
First Presbyterian Church San Diego
Horizon Christian Fellowship
The Flood
Iranian Christian Church
Matthew’s House (Oceanside)
New Hope Friendship Missionary Baptist Church
The Rock Church
San Diego First Assembly
The Way Christian Church (Chula Vista)
The Vertex (First Baptist of Coronado)

Not Recommended
Christ Lutheran Church
Faith Presbyterian Church
La Mesa First United Methodist Church
Maranatha San Diego
Mission Valley Christian Fellowship
Point Loma Calvary Chapel
Saint Francis and Saint Taricicus Old Catholic Church
San Diego Japanese Christian Church
Sonrise Community Church (Unite Service)
St. Gregory of Nyssa Greek Orthodox Church
Third Day Churches
Twelve Tribes

All Souls’ Episcopal Church
Dignity (Catholic) San Diego Chapter
First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego
Metropolitan Community Church
Mission Gathering
North Park Apostolic Church
San Diego Church of Christ
St. John of the Cross

A Church For Today’s World
Eighth Church of Christ Scientist
Midtown Church

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  1. I came across this website looking for information on New Horizons in San Diego. I’m not thrilled with mega churches anymore. Feel like I just get lost in the crowd. Wasn’t really sure about a good church closer to La Jolla.

    I am looking for a completely Bible based church that is Charismatic. Where people are not afraid to hold their hands high or kneel in church and worship our Lord.

    I don’t like church hopping. Would like to move closer to the beach. Live in Ramona and go to “A Touch From Above” in Ramona. Little spirit filled church that even my son pays attention in!

    God Bless,
    Cherie Young
    760 789-5211

  2. good morning,
    I tried to find Your stance on Christian Doctrine, and who you are, an outline would be helpful. Could you please place this on your website so San Diego knows who is writting this review? If I missed it I apologize.

    Dale Fuller

  3. Dale here is some of what we believe (Creeds) If you have specific questions about what we believe feel free to post. But here are additional Statements:

    THE BIBLE: We believe the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the word of God and the only rule to govern the lives of people and affairs of the Church.

    GOD: We believe the scriptures reveal there is only one true God who is sovereign, eternal, holy, all-powerful, all-knowing, and creator of all things. He is loving, gracious, merciful and long-suffering toward His people and is also righteous in his judgment of the ungodly.

    TRINITY: We believe God is revealed in the scriptures as three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. These three, while being distinct persons, are one God and equal in power, majesty, and glory.

    HUMANITY: We believe people are born sinful and completely alienated from God and under His judgment. People, in their nature, are unwilling and unable to believe God and serve Him. Only a supernatural, sovereign work of God can regenerate the heart and enable people to recognize their sinfulness and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    SALVATION: We believe the only salvation for sinful people is faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. This faith is a gift of God’s grace given to people according to the will and pleasure of God.

    THE CHURCH: We believe the Church to be God’s people (past, present, and future) worshiping, loving, and serving God with Christ as the Head of the Church. We believe that God has called His people to devote themselves to a local church by becoming members, taking vows to the Church, and accepting the authority and rule of church officers (elders and deacons) who minister and discipline with love.

    THE SACRAMENTS: We believe that God has instituted two sacraments: the Lord’s Supper and baptism as signs and seals of His grace to strengthen the church and edify its members.

    THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: We believe that God calls His people to live for and serve Him joyfully using their gifts and talents to His glory, for the building up of the church, and as a witness to the unbelieving world. As a community of believers we are expected to rejoice with, suffer with, and bear the burdens of one another in the Body of Christ. We are to pray earnestly for one another, encourage and admonish one another in love as we grow in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. This site is really SICK. As though right wing fundamentalist ‘chritianity’ is not a cult. Sheesh! Murder any Muslims for Dubya lately?

  5. Laurie, i just found this site tonite but i would like to say i’m glad at least your looking for “something” and the something is a man,His name is Jesus. what’s important is that you keep looking for Him and you will realize He’s been with you all the time. i too was really tough on people that said they where christians but when He called me out i began to understand why i felt the way i did. i wanted to learn to be an example,real that others might know how real He is. keep searching Laurie.

  6. I am looking for a highly recommended church in the Modesto or Turlock, California area. This is located in the Central Valley. I saw you provide a list of recommended churches in the San Diego area but do you have anyting for the California Central Valley.

  7. Please be aware that the ROCK CHURCH should be in the category of an a CULT. PURE EVIL. They would like everyone to know how great they are and all the good they are doing in the San Diego community. But the truth is they are all about the money and miss-leading people away from the truth. They have people working there that are not qualified to counsel and have DESTROYED MANY FAMILIES WITHIN THEIR WAKE. It’s so sad but true. TAKE CARE & KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So there was this castaway alone on a desert island when he is rescued. The rescuers see three huts. They ask him about them.

    Oh, he says, that hut over there is my home and that other one is my church.

    They ask him about the third hut.

    “THAT” he says, with contempt, “Is the church I USED to go to”

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